mercredi 18 octobre 2017

Halloween Party !

Busy month !

We have already organized two gigs this month (without annoucement here, of course) and need to update the distro...

But we organize a quite big party for Halloween with six bands in a nice squat in Montpellier, be there !

mercredi 6 septembre 2017

Next gig !

Hi ! Our next gig happen this friday, with Lupus Ad Mortem (epic metal crust) and Moshpig (grindcore) and will happen like usual at the up&down in Montpellier !

See you there ! 

vendredi 7 juillet 2017


Hey !

After a period without any news, we updated all the distrolist and the release sections !

You can check almost all our releases on our bandcamp or the bandcamp from the bands.

This summer we'll be at the Crust picnic in Liège next weekend (14-15th july), the Fluff Fest (from the 20th to the 22th for us) and the Freakshow in Gigors (fr) the 25th & 26th of august.
If you wanna save the postage, send an email and we'll can give your pack hand to hand !

Cheers !

vendredi 24 mars 2017

Another gig !

Hi !

Next gig will happen the 8th of April, with 3 bands this time : Soyuz Bear, Venere & Sphère Grise, from sludge to hardcore with drone too !
Free entry, at the Up&Down

Also, I didn't find time to update de 7" section in the distro, but the 12" is updated !

We'll receive our copies of the Satan / Sordide 7" really soon, as the LP from La Mort.

dimanche 19 février 2017

Fresh news

After some lack of communication due to no reason, we'll try to update this blog more oftenly ! 

About the gig-organization, next one will happen at the Up&Down in Montpellier the 2nd March with Grusterror (blackened grindcore from Marseille) and Moshpig (local grindcore) @ the Up&Down for free !

We're involved into the organization of the Violent Apes Fest, a small diy festival. The second edition of it will happen the 30th June & the 1st of July. We'll start to announce bands next month ! 

About the label part :  The second album from Lamort, called "Jus" will may be release next month. Except dirtiest sludge depravation from those guys from Marseille ! You can listen 2 songs here :

At the end of the spring we'll be release a 10" with the two mot exciting old school grindcore from Europe : Raw Noise Apes from Greece and SxOxTxE (Scum of the Earth) form Hungary ! Very proud to help this killer split ! 

Satan's lp is almost sold out, we're still open to trade the Karcavul lp, the 10" split between Archagathus and Terror Firmer and the 7" between Nothing Clean and Ona Snop.  

The distro is still need to be fully updated ! Be patient ! 

lundi 4 avril 2016

Sordide + Charogne, in Montpellier, Black Metal & Crust gig !

Hey hey hey !

Some news...

So we'll organize a gig in Montpellier, at the Up&Down, with Sordide (raw black metal from Rouen) and my band, Charogne (grinding crust)

Also, some new releases will be available soon : the Karcavul's MLP will be there around May and it sounds awesome ! The 10" Split between the prince of mincecore Archagathus and Terror Firmer, the Italian answer to Unseen Terror will be release a bit later ! 

mardi 12 mai 2015

RM #01 : Satan, L'odeur du Sang

Out this friday !

RM #01: Satan, L'odeur du Sang

Out now, co-release with Crapoulet records, Deaf Death Husky, Neanderthal Stench, No Way Asso, Nuclear Alcoholocaust and Witch Bukkake records.

Raw black metal punk from Grenoble, France

Limited to 500copy, black vinyl, A3 insert