mercredi 20 mai 2020

New Releases + Distro update

Hey ! I hope everyone's fine in those moment!

We received our copies of 3 releases, we're really happy to help those 3 bands! 3 different kind of punk in a large meaning ! Stenchcore for Moribund Scum, Black Punk for Satan and Fast Hc for Veneno!

 RM26 : Moribund Scum, Only Death... LP

RM28 : Satan, L'Odeur du Sang, LP

RM30 : Veneno, Only Death... LP

The distro list is also updated with new records, mostly from Phobia records and Southern Lord. More items should be added really soon too!

Some great releases are planned to be out this year, keep updated !


mercredi 29 janvier 2020

Small update !

Hi !

We forgot to say that we end 2019 with two awesome releases, the second Ancient Emblem's lp, funeral pyre for black metal crusts lovers and the third Welldone Dumboyz's album, the most infamous but great noiserock band.

This year we've quite a lot of nice stuff to be released, with records of Boom, Exorbitant Prices Must Diminish, Farsas, Moribund Scum, Mutilation of Mind, Nothing Clean, Pvrgatorii, Satan, Veneno (maybe more ?).

The distro isn't updated as fuck, as records came and go during gigs where we put it, so it's easier to meet at a gig for this.


dimanche 14 avril 2019

Monthly Update / Avril 2019

Hi folks !

Some news about the releases !

The split between Jungle Holocaust and Buffet Froid is out ! Expect 10mn of hideous goregrind who talks about crocodiles, piranhas, youth issues and cannabic oil !

Also, the Fasp's full length will be released on tape the 24th april for our mini tour with Tzitzimime, an harshnoise duo from Geneva (you can check their stuff here : )

We updated our distro sections, which consist this month of a lot of raw spanish grindcore stuff : Convulsions, Ras, Disturbance Project, Nashgul, Kamorräh, Rencor, Lead Coffin, some non-spanish stuff (Pulmonary Fibrosis, Six-Score, Recalcitrant) and some non-grindcore stuff for the gialli lovers (Buio Mondo)

Our distro will travel a bit this month at differents gigs, so this is where we'll be :
18/04 @ Tübingen, Epplehaus
19/04 @ Kuzebfest, Bremgarten
20/04 @ Doya, Mens
24/04 @ Grenoble
25/04 @ La Machine à trucs, La Chaux de Fonds
26/04 @ Besançon
27/04 @ L'Ebrietas, Zürich
28/04 @ Rock Hatry, Belfort
01/05 @ Chez Matite, Ruoms
10/05 @ Moshfest, Montpellier
11/05 @ Circolo Anarchico, Milano
12/05 @ Jalla Jalla, Metelkova, Ljubljana
14/05 @ Imperia
15/05 @ L'Althérax, Nice
19/05 @ Le Kjbi, Montpellier

So maybe some stuff will be gone after those gigs !


mercredi 13 mars 2019

Mental Hygiene Terrorism Orchestra 10" incoming + Distro update !

Hi !

Got some news with the records ! While we're still working on the Jungle Holocaust / Buffet Froid split tape, the first Mental Hygiene Terrorism Orchestra's full lenght will be here next month ! Expect 20mn of saxophone's fronted massive noisegrind assault ! The record is coreleased with buddies from Deaf Death Husky, Grinding Rebeliion and Lixiviat (who did this cute flyer)

Got some news stuff in the distro since last month ! The first Negativ's mlp, some  anarcho punk lps (Protestera, Operation), some stuff from the metalpunk lovers (Cruz, Makiladoras, Recedant Somnia), some dodossery (Hirax, Master / Paganizer, Encoffination), some blastbeats, of course! (My Minds Mine, Massgrav), even some technical ones (Infernal, Moonfog, Infernal Revulsion) and some death-rock with a strong Amebix influences (Cross Stitched Eyes) !

dimanche 10 février 2019

massive distro update + First Hordur's Lp !

Hi folks !

We've updated all the infos on this site !

By the way, we're proud to have release the first Hordur's LP, Hubris ! The cover is really awesome, and the music too !
You can listen it here :
(and soon on our bandcamp)

All the distro has been updated, and we received lot of new entries, from Heavy Doom to Power Electronics  with of course some grindcore, powerviolence, crust & raw punk stuff :  especially on tape (Whoresnation, Warfuck, Into Sickness, Timekiller, Morbid Scum, Exorbitant Prices Must Diminish, Los Caidos, La Chasse, Avale, Dionysiaque, Fentanyl Surprise, Jungle Holocaust, MeVdA) but also on vinyl (Jarada, Tropiezo, Parlamentarisk Sodomi, Boum Coeur Compilation) and even some cds (Grusterror, Influence Néfaste) and some fanzines (written in french) !

At least one release is planned for March 2019, a split tape between Jungle Holocaust and Buffet Froid, a weedeous bouquet of rotten gorenoise !
Some more are planned later in the year, from Harshnoise and Jazzgrind to Blackened Crust and grindcore !