massive distro update + First Hordur's Lp !

Hi folks !

We've updated all the infos on this site !

By the way, we're proud to have release the first Hordur's LP, Hubris ! The cover is really awesome, and the music too !
You can listen it here :
(and soon on our bandcamp)

All the distro has been updated, and we received lot of new entries, from Heavy Doom to Power Electronics  with of course some grindcore, powerviolence, crust & raw punk stuff :  especially on tape (Whoresnation, Warfuck, Into Sickness, Timekiller, Morbid Scum, Exorbitant Prices Must Diminish, Los Caidos, La Chasse, Avale, Dionysiaque, Fentanyl Surprise, Jungle Holocaust, MeVdA) but also on vinyl (Jarada, Tropiezo, Parlamentarisk Sodomi, Boum Coeur Compilation) and even some cds (Grusterror, Influence Néfaste) and some fanzines (written in french) !

At least one release is planned for March 2019, a split tape between Jungle Holocaust and Buffet Froid, a weedeous bouquet of rotten gorenoise !
Some more are planned later in the year, from Harshnoise and Jazzgrind to Blackened Crust and grindcore !